Diseño y Acondicionamiento de Viviendas y Locales

In Fuertesur offer a full service decorating and home design.

The interior design is not only coated with materials the walls, ceiling and floor, goes much further.

The decoration of houses begins with a blueprint in which meets the necessary documentation to start designing and creating new opportunities in the design of your home.

These are basic ideas, first impressions, textures, colors, capturing the personality of each client to translate it later in the design of your home.

The interior design in homes ranging from the basics such as electrical, plumbing, taqbiquería, etc. .. as more specific things such as, health, general furniture, including kitchen furniture, textiles, coatings either in wood, ceramics, wallpaper, paint and endless possibilities.

Next batch will arise independent studies of electricity and lighting, including home automation.

Lighting is one of the things that must be taken into account. It is vital to get good lighting to make your stay as pleasant as possible, creating light effects with direct lights, backlit, linear lighting, decorative lighting … That is almost alone with good lighting to decorate.

The plumbing also fall under what we call interior architecture, and you can create water effects within a dwelling, such as waterfalls, aquariums, water columns, faucets and sanitary design …

With the distribution of partitions is intended to stay proportionate to the human scale. With the partition can create curved, slanted … it’s about creating effects and sensations.

The coatings give the final look to your spaces or elements. This can be warm and cozy or just the opposite, cold and solemn. The wood, textiles, warm colors and stones, get the closeness and comfort. The crystals, metals, shiny and polished surfaces give us feelings of reliability and cleanliness.

The furniture always has to be integrated in space should not be oversized to not be our aim to create a very specific sense.

Especially for a livable space, it should reflect the person living in it, combining it with the aesthetics, functionality and practicality get a comfortable space in the end is what we want.

To Fuertesur, interior design is a joint effort with our customers and adapting to their tastes and needs.