Reformas de Viviendas y Locales

Home renovation
In this time when housing has experienced a high price change keeping in perfect condition is the best investment we can make. Worth reforming old installations of plumbing and electricity, both bathrooms and kitchen, getting safer housing and a better quality of life.

We have skilled masons, and perform the installation of electricity, plumbing, gas, heating, air conditioning, masonry, painting and all that your home may need. We perform installations in the most satisfactory and economical manner. Leave home reform in our hands.

  • Retail Reforms
    We reforms complete installations companies, shops and offices. Tiling, flooring, drywall, plaster, etc.. Installing and comprehensive reforms of electricity and plumbing and everything your business needs to run smoothly.
    Currently the gas heating system or air conditioning heat pump is much simpler, faster and cheaper. Enjoy all year from a temperature suitable to their needs. Control your spending, you can decide the best time to set the ideal temperature of the rooms.
  • Aluminum carpentry and glassware
    To insulate against cold and heat, we need a suitable enclosure. If your windows are old are wasting money to heat or cool your home or local. Furthermore CLIMALIT double glazing have the advantage of isolating the noise.
  • Laminate floors and parquet
    If you restore your home or business, we offer parquet and floating platforms that serve the dual purpose of decoration and appearance with exceptional durability and beauty, they are also highly resistant to abrasion. Beautiful laminate flooring easily installed by your system uniclic, without glue. These pallets are resistant to sun, heavy traffic of people, to scratches. The advantages of laminate flooring are: quality, variety, exceptional hardness, perfect finish, easy and quality / price excellent.
    We have a wide assortment of entrance doors, armored doors and high security doors. Wood or aluminum windows. As wardrobes. We also offer interior doors with different decorations and finishes.

If needs updating for your home or any reform in general, think Fuertesur.

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